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How To Use Ear Candles

Do not perform ear candling on yourself. It is dangerous.

We suggest that you put two drops of tepid olive oil in the ears 24 hours before treatment. This will help soften ear wax.

Do not use any other ear drops 48 hours before ear candling.

1. The patient should lie on their side on a flat surface with their head on a pillow.

2. Make a circle with a towel to catch any faling ash.

3. Place the narrow end of the candle into the ear making sure it follows the direction of the ear canal. For a snug fit gently hold and lift the ear lobe. Keep the ear candle straight up at a 90 degree angle as pictured. Reposition the head if necessary while gently resting your hand on their head.

4. Light the top of the ear candle. Once lit do not reinsert the candle if for some reason it comes out of the ear canal. Stop and start again with a new ear candle.

5. When the ear candle has burnt to the red line gently remove it from the ear and extinguish the flame with water.

6. Wet a cotton bud with water or olive oil to clean the residue.

7. Repeat the procedure for the other ear. You must do both ears.

8. After the ear candling it is suggested to give the client a facial massage around the sinus, forehead, chin and ears. Then let the patient rest for 5-10 minutes.


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